Big Ticket, Small Town makes it's stop this summer in Tweed!

Last year's concert at Applefest in Brighton had overwhelming success and with this year's concert being at a beautiful Lakeside Venue at Trudeau's Park in Tweed its sure to be another hit with the Legendary Canadian Rocker's BIG WRECK! Uniquely this event will coincide with a Watercross Racing (Snowmobile Racing on Water) event that is happening at the Park during the daytime.
Big Wreck is responsible for the classic Canadian Rock Tunes that helped shape the Canadian Rock industry with such songs as "The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)" "Lady Like" and "Blown Wide Open" just to name a few. Special guests on this show will be Long Range Hustle, a Toronto based band with close family ties to Tweed.

Big Ticket, Small Town is exactly what it sounds like, It's about bringing entertainment to small towns that you typically wouldn't see in a small community! "There's something about bringing big sound, bright lights and pyro to a small town that really gets the community together" says Casey Trudeau, One of the member of The Initiative Group that produces Big Ticket, Small Town.
Tickets Start at $39.99, Corporate VIP Packages available.
All Ages, Licensed Event
August 19th at Trudeau's Park Lodge in Tweed
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Big Ticket – Small Town is please to announce that “Long Range Hustle” will be this years opening act for the Big Wreck concert on August 19. If you’re new to a Long Range Hustle show, it only takes a minute to feel their contagious energy connect with everyone in the room. 

From their chilly basement jam space to a sweat soaked stage, Long Range Hustle is committed to fostering a distinctive five-piece sound – notable for its warm infectious melodies, driving rhythms and gorgeous harmonies. 

Visit Long Range Hustle online at 


Do not set up your campsite, without checking in. Please cooperate with parking attendants. We provide rough camping only. Hydro, Water or Sewer hook-ups are not available.  Make sure to read all the rules and regulations of the festival prior to your arrival to ensure the safety of yourself and others while having one of the best times possible. Trudeau Park is a privately owned company. We do not discriminate, but reserve the right to refuse service and admittance to any person if actions are deemed malicious inappropriate and or abusive towards staff and other patrons. We will not and cannot verify a third party sale of a ticket. Buyer beware on all sales when it is not from an authorized ticket seller. We encourage you when purchasing a ticket to purchase it from an authorized ticket seller.

For the comfort and safety of all of those attending  please abide by the following rules: 

 •Campfires are NOT allowed do to FIRE BAN! Barbeques and open grills are allowed. 
 •Alcoholic beverages are not allowed off of your personal RV site or campsite 
 •No glass and no glass bottles. 
 •ATV's or scooters are not allowed onsite. 
 •No cruising in campground in vehicles. 
 •Non approved vendors are not allowed in campground area. 
 •Generators are allowed, in the event of noise, you may be asked to turn generator off. 
 •No loud music after 12:00 am. 
 •No unleashed dogs. 
 •No barking of dogs 
 •We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please lock up your valuables. 
 •Please respect your neighbour and their property. Failure to comply could find you evicted, without a refund! Please help keep the campsite area clean and clean your campsite when leaving. We want everyone have a great time, and we hope to see you again for years to come! If you are camping you will need to reserve a camping site. 

Site size is 20 X 40 or a minimum of 800sqft. Limit 6 Person's per site. Vehicle Parking is only guaranteed on your site. This is to ensure you and your guests do have a legitimate campsite as space is limited. Save you time and gas money traveling to mark/rope off a site. To ensure accountability of the campsite. That means no mess, no rule breaking and respect your neighbours. Remember, the site is in your name! We will contact you with your site number after purchase.